Building Management

Whether you are taking on additional buildings, refreshing existing space or are renovating an investment property, Preferred Management can minimise this unsettling and disruptive period of change by working alongside you to manage your project correctly. We approach every project with a clear understanding of your desired outcome and work with you to develop a thorough and professional plan.

For all works we offer a free quotation and site visit from one of our project managers to ascertain the required work; provision of a specification of end to end details and total costs. Upon the commencement of the project we will project manage the works on site ensuring completion within agreed timescales and predicted costs.

The planning phase of each project is vitally important and can determine whether the project objectives are, costs managed and disruption kept to a minimum. We work with you throughout this stage to determine a a well defined project brief.

From the inception of the project it is inevitable that you will require the services of a range of external and internal tradesman. These may include architects, fit-out contractors, engineers, electricians and other skilled contractors. In addition to tradesman there may also be many additional parties that although not directly involved, can impact on the success of any project including local authorities and utility companies.

Our experienced project managers will ensure that all activity is co-ordinated; every tradesman and company involved works to and within our times scales carrying out the right task to your required standards.

By utilising our effective and highly experienced project management services we can ensure that there are no surprises from the inception of your project – no matter how big or small.

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